Your "First Time" Vegan with Sexie Veggies

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Sexie Veggies Tips: Poaching Vs Simmering Vs Boiling

Sexie Veggies Goes To Coachella

10 Minute Sexie Veggies: Stir Fry

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Sexie Veggies Adventures In Fast Food: Subway

10 Minute Sexie Veggies: Avocado Toast

Sexie Veggies Adventures In Fast Food: Taco Bell

Sexie Veggies: Sizzlin' Summer Pasta

Sexie Veggies: Aye Mamacita Calabacita Tacos

Sexie Veggies: Rock N Rolls

Sexie Veggies: Chickpea Spread 'Ems

Sexie Veggies: Breakfast Potata Hash

Sexie Veggies: Holiday Stuffed Cups

Sexie Veggies is now enhanced to triple D! Get those 3D glasses for this preview.

And if you want just the tip, check out this clip from "Sexie Sizzlin Summer Pasta,"

"The Sexie Veggies Garlic Spank"





Erin is a comedic actress in Los Angeles & a great vegan cook! She has been spreading love in the form of tasty vegan food for the past 7 years and is excited to increase that love exponentially through Sexie Veggies. She is also a musical theater performer and a unicorn. For more about Erin, visit: