Barnivore  - "Your vegan beer, wine, & liquor guide"

Vegan Xpress  - "An on-the-run guide to what’s vegan at popular chain restaurants & fast food places, as well as a listing of vegan beer, wine, liquor and vegan convenience foods."

Vegan Steven  - "VeganSteven knows all the good vegan spots around you.  If you're vegan, or like vegan, or want to impress a vegan companion, you need VeganSteven." *Only available on iphone

Animal Free  - "Animal-Free is a full-featured, pocket reference guide for many common and hidden animal ingredients" *It even includes a barcode scanner!

Cruelty-Free  - "The Cruelty-Free app saves time trying to decode the back of a package and tells you upfront if a product has not been tested on animals."

Veggie Passport  - "With Veggie Passport you can forget the tongue-twisting experience of communicating your vegetarian or vegan needs to waiters, dinner hosts, and friends while you're overseas. Express your veggie lifestyle in 33 languages."